Carver's Bowl

Carver's Bowl




    Grown using mycelium and wood working waste, this decorative bowl is a perfect feature piece in any home, office or restaurant. Honouring the wood from the tree, this object allows the full potential to be used by growing and reforming the wood working waste into a new object.

    Each bowl is unique and may vary slightly to the image shown; each bowl grows differently depending on the current temperatures and what wood waste is used. If you would like to request specific photos of the bowls in stock, please fill out a contact form.


    Discounts available for larger orders. Contact directly through our form. UK only online - EU sales can be arranged directly upon request.


    *The bowls are 100% home compostable, just break the object up and deposit into a compost bin or sprinkle into the soil.


    If you item arrives damaged from shipping, we can return your product and ship another similar one in its place. Because we work with living systems, each product may vary slightly in aesthetics and therefore may not be identical.


    If your product has been made to order and is bespoke, we do not offer a refund policy. An item exchange may be possible depending on the circumstances and current stock levels.