Mycelium Culture Plate

Mycelium Culture Plate




    90mm Malt-Extract Agar Live Cultures.


    Each plate contains a colonised plate of mycelium which can be used to grow mushrooms for gourmet, medicine or material purposes.


    Each culture has been transferred in a sterile lab to ensure zero contaminants and are made to order for you.


    *Please allow up to 2 weeks for the cultures to be shipped as they are made to order once the request has been made. This ensures that you receive the strongest, most-lively cultures.


    Discounts available for larger orders. Contact directly through our form. UK only online - EU sales can be arranged directly upon request.


    **These cultures have an expiry date! Use within 2 weeks or store in the fridge to preserve for longer (up to 3 months). For a long-term culture, see ‘Culture Slants’.


    Because all of our cultures are made to order, we cannot accept a return or refund.

    If your live culture is delivered in a compromised state (broken, dead or no longer sterile) you should take photos of the package and its contents and get in touch via our contact form. A member of our team will then send out a replacement culture as soon as possible. Natura holds no responsibility for contamination causes by the customer, if you’re unsure about how to keep your cultures sterile or how to work with them, seek the assistance of a professional or practice with clean culture plates.