Ready to Grow - Reishi Myco-material Kit

Ready to Grow - Reishi Myco-material Kit




    1.2kg (3L) / 500g (1.25L) Hemp Shiv with Reishi (G.Lucidium) Ready to Grow Kit.


    Want to grow your own myco-materials? Well dive right in with this ready-to-grow kit.


    Inside you will have x2 pairs of nitrile gloves and 1.5kg (Aprox 3L) of colonised hemp shiv substrate with G.Lucidium (Reishi) cultures.


    This kit will allow you to grow forms and materials without the stress of sterilising/ looking after mycelium cultures. When your parcel arrives, simply just put on your gloves, wipe down and sterilise your moulds with 70% alcohol and pack & wrap your formed creations. Then with the help of time (around 1-1.5 weeks) and a cozy temperature of 21-25 celcius you can un-mould your first mycelium object.


    Bulk order discount available on inquiry - Workshop supply discount. UK only online - EU sales can be arranged directly upon request.


    Products are grown to order - Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be colonised ready for shipping.


    **These cultures have an expiry date! Use within 1 weeks or store in the fridge to preserve for longer (up to 3 weeks).


    Because all of our cultures are made to order, we cannot accept a return or refund.


    If your live culture is delivered in a compromised state (broken, dead or no longer sterile) you should take photos of the package and its contents and get in touch via our contact form. A member of our team will then send out a replacement culture as soon as possible.


    Natura holds no responsibility for contamination causes by the customer, if you’re unsure about how to keep your cultures sterile or how to work with them, seek the assistance of a professional or practice with clean culture plates.