Can you ship to me ?

For our products and supplies, we ship worldwide. As for our live live cultures, we ship to the whole of the UK, and the majority of Europe, see list below for specific countries. We do not ship further than this as live cultures are sensitive to temperature. Please be aware that current weather conditions play a big part in what state your culture arrives, it is alway best to purchase in the cooler times of the year, though Natura will always try to ship in the most suitable temperatures to ensure they arrive safely. Refrigerated shipping can be arranged but is only recommended for large orders.

Countries we ship live products to: UK (inc Ireland), France, Northern Spain, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Northern Italy, Southern Norway and Czechia. Don’t see your country on this list? Get in touch to see if we can arrange a one-off shipment.

What if my live culture is compromised in shipping ?

If your live culture is delivered in a compromised state (broken, dead or no longer sterile) you should take photos of the package and its contents and get in touch via our contact form. A member of our team will then send out a replacement culture as soon as possible. Natura holds no responsibility for contamination causes by the customer, if you’re unsure about how to keep your cultures sterile or how to work with them, seek the assistance of a professional or practice with clean culture plates.

How long do the live cultures last for ?

The 90mm MEA Culture Plates will last up to 2 weeks unrefrigerated, 6 months refrigerated. The Culture slants should be refrigerated at all times and can last up to 4 years in this form if stored properly. As for the mycelium spawn, it should be used within 2 weeks as the mycelium will quickly spoil.

Do the products smell?

The majority of our products are odorless by the time they reach your door, and although some may have a slight odor, the smell is pleasant. If it was described in a wine tasting session, it would be said that it has the aroma similar to fresh bread with a hint of wild forests. As for our live cultures, some can have a very apparent smell, most of which are pleasant, like the Horse-Hoof Fungus, but some not so much, like the Split Gills.

Is it still alive?

The products are dead when they arrive to you. We cure them in an oven to ensure that your product doesn’t keep growing, even if exposed to water. We do this to preserve your purchase but also to ensure that there is zero chance of affecting the balance of your local ecosystems with the possibility of a non-local fungal species being introduced.

How long will my Product last?

If looked after correctly, your purchase can last upwards of 5 years. Please understand that we have tried to match the durability of the product with the predicted life expectancy. Our products are meant to provide enjoyment but not to last forever, the reason for this is that for a product to be completely harmless to our ecosystem, it cannot and should not last forever. We do this because, as you probably know, having a product that lasts forever, such as a plastic bottle, harms the environment and survives many more lifetimes than it is actually used for.

How can I dispose of my purchase?

Products: If you no longer want, or have broken one of your mycelium products, you can dispose of the product by removing any non-degradable fixings and then break up the mycelium substrate which can be put into a standard compost bin or sprinkled into soil. The substrate will be composted down within 2 months and will improve soil quality. Please reuse components where possible.

Cultures: Please take extra care with the disposal of live cultures. Even though the majority of the species are widespread, disposing of a culture may change the balance of an ecosystem by introducing a different culture by accident. If you have access to a pressure cooker/ autoclave, cook the plates for 15 minutes at 121 degrees celsius (15psi) and dispose in a common waste bin. If you do not have access to a pressure cooker/ autoclave, Natura will happily receive your spent cultures to be disposed of.

Could I have an ALLERGIC reaction to the products?

Although some people can have allergic reactions to specific types of fungi, this is caused by either inhalation of mushroom spores or by consuming mushrooms. The mycelium products sold here are void of spores as they are not left to produce mushroom fruit bodies, and although our products are technically edible, we do not recommend you try to eat them, as tasty as they may look. Same advice goes for pets and children.

How do I care for my Product?

To ensure you preserve and get the most life out of your new purchase, you should care for you mycelium product by keeping it out of extreme heat (direct sunlight if you are in harsher climates), as well as keeping it away from areas that could expose it repeatedly to water.

If you do manage to splash water on your product, tip away any pools of water and place somewhere with a breeze and some warmth to allow the moisture to be wicked away. The mycelium is splash proof, but will absorb water if soaked or submerged.

Are the products food-safe?

Yes, they are food-safe. Any food in contact with the products should be dry to the touch, as repeated exposure to water may compromise your product.

*If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, please fill out one of our contact forms and we will be in touch with you shortly!